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High Memory Usage by Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the king of the browsers however the fundamental problem that it consists of in conjunction with it’s miles the usage of an excessive amount of reminiscence. If you’ve got got researched a bit, you should be aware about the truth that Chrome makes use of lots of assets in your laptop. So, in case you are involved approximately why chrome takes a lot reminiscence and the way you could restoration that, you’ll get all of your solutions here.

Why is Google Chrome Consuming So Much Memory?

Google Chrome is a browser that handles lots of jobs; from looking YouTube videos, the usage of internet apps, extensions to beginning extraordinary tabs, each unmarried mission is completed via way of means of Google Chrome; so what do you observed it’s miles taking on assets from to do all that work? Obviously, the RAM of your laptop is utilized by Google Chrome for a majority of these matters. Do you know the way lots RAM chrome makes use of? Press SHIFT+ESC to open Google Chrome’s very own Task Manager and notice it yourself.

Note- Every tab and extension you open is break up right into a procedure via way of means of Chrome, so if one element is going down, it’ll crash all of your tabs.

So, now you already know why Google Chrome makes use of a lot reminiscence; in case you are the usage of lots of extensions and feature opened lots of tabs, this may make it use lots of assets out of your tool withinside the shape of RAM. Apart from that, there may be a pre-rendering function of Google Chrome that consumes lots of reminiscence, however that function facilitates to load the web page faster.

Thus, if Google Chrome is main to excessive reminiscence usage, it way you’re letting it accomplish that via way of means of beginning lots of tabs or the usage of extensions. The app you operate in your laptop runs methods on your laptop’s RAM this is transient garage area for the statistics saved in your toolAnd on every occasion Chrome runs out of reminiscence, you’ll see this messageAw, Snap! Something went incorrect at the same time as showing this webpage; Error code: out of reminiscence”

Is it Harmful If Google Chrome is Using Too Much Memory?

This have to be your foremost challenge if it is inaccurate if Google Chrome is the use of an excessive amount of reminiscence. The reason of getting RAM set up for your tool is it permits saved records to be obtained and study instantly. If the numbers to your Task Manager’s reminiscence column scares you, bear in mind that loose RAM is useless, RAM is there to your gadget for a cause when you have an awesome quantity of RAM for your tool, it manner your PC can save plenty of factors in its short-time period reminiscence to take into account them fast later on.

So even in case your RAM is complete at times, it is a superb factor that it’s far doing its job. But in case you locate that RAM is frequently complete and is slowing down your tool, that wishes to be taken care of. If you want greater reminiscence than your laptop has to provide is some thing that may make your tool slower as it will shift the short-time period reminiscence in your laptop’s tough power and this is tons slower.

How to Stop Google Chrome from High Memory Usage?

If Google Chrome is constantly using high memory usage, it is important to know how to reduce high memory usage in Google Chrome. To make Chrome use less memory, you can try several things like managing plugins and extensions, activate hardware acceleration, and so on; all these methods have been explained further here:

1. Close the Ram-eating Programs

There are programs that use more RAM than others and to which one is causing high memory usage, you can open Task Manager by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE or open Google Chrome’s own Task Manager by pressing SHIFT+ESC, and there you can see what tab or extension is consuming maximum RAM. You can even sort the memory consumption from highest to lowest in the ‘Memory’ column. After that, you can select the processes that are consuming a lot of RAM or aren’t currently in use and click on ‘End Task’ to remove them.

2. Use Chrome Tab Management Extension

Using Chrome Tab Management Extension is another way to put a cap on RAM usage and save some memory. You must be wondering why to install one more extension when there are already many affecting your RAM usage. But these extensions work to fix your problem and help in customizing Chrome. One such useful extension is The Great Suspender that lets you remove all the processes that are consuming too much memory, ultimately reducing the memory used by Chrome. OneTab is another useful tab management extension that lets you close all the tabs in one go by clicking on the OneTab button; it will provide all the links in one tab so that you can open them at your convenience.

3. Manage Extensions

You must also know how to manage extensions so that you can disable the ones that are using a lot of power but aren’t currently in use. Here is how to reduce high memory usage in Google Chrome by managing extensions:

Right-click on the extension that you want to disable and then click on ‘Manage extensions’ In the ‘Site access’ section, select one out of the two options ‘On click’ or ‘On specific sites’ for ‘Allow this extension to read and change all your data on websites your visit’

You can also use an extension manager like SimpleExt to manage all your extensions if you are using a lot of them.

4. Enable Hardware Acceleration

You can also enable hardware acceleration to reduce high memory usage by Google Chrome. Here is how to do that:

After opening Google Chrome, click on the three dots button in the top-right corner; then, click on ‘Settings’.On the ‘Settings’ page, click on the ‘Advanced’ option.

Then move to the ‘System’ section and turn on the toggle for ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’.

After that, restart Google Chrome and in the address bar, type chrome://gpu/; hit Enter; now, check if Hardware Acceleration or GPU Rendering is enabled or not.

5. Check Your Device for Malware

You can also face high memory usage by Chrome when your device has been affected by malware or adware and to fix this, run an antivirus scan. If your device is infected by any virus, the antivirus toll will remove it, and ultimately, this will help in reducing memory usage by Chrome.

6. Set up A New User Profile

You can also fix this issue by creating a new user profile for Google Chrome as doing this may prevent Chrome from using too much memory; to do this:

Press CTRL+A to select all the files and press Shift + Delete to erase all the files permanently.After that, restart Google Chrome and then create a new user profileHopefully, all these solutions will fix the high memory usage by Google Chrome.

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